C.P. Full Form

Full Form Carissimus
Category Academic & Science >> Academic Degrees

What is the Full form of C.P.?

What does C.P. mean? This page is all about C.P. full form or abbreviation in different fields including Academic & Science, Academic & Science, Academic & Science, Governmental, and Society & Culture.

We have covered the C.P. full form in Academic & Science with details and listed down meanings of C.P. in various other categories.

The full form of C.P. is Carissimus.

All Full Forms of C.P.:

Term Full Form Category
C.P. Carissimus Academic Degrees
C.P. Clarissima Puella Academic Degrees
C.P. Curavit Ponendum. Academic Degrees
C.P. Civis Publicus Law & Legal
C.P. Congregatio Passionis Religion & Spirituality

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