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What does HREF mean?

The full form of HREF is Hypertext Reference. Often people learn the coding and other attributes related to HTML. But a very few are accustomed to what does HREF stands for, its significance, and other characteristics.

Many also consider hypertext and hyperlinks are identical, but they differ considerably. Through this article, know the HREF full form, its uses, and other related information.

What does HREF stand for?

The HREF stands for Hypertext Reference, often used as a standard to generate links for another webpage. Also, HREF is used as an anchor attribute that helps in navigating sections of a particular document.

Though there are more complicated hidden coding structures an HREF encompasses. But primarily for a layman’s understanding, there are two specified parts of an HREF. The first part is called URL and the second part is the anchor text. You will learn about both parts in detail below.

What does URL mean?

URL is the primary segment of Hypertext Reference (HREF). URL means Uniform Resource Locator that serves as a unique address for the user to locate a webpage. All URLs are by nature unique and navigates an individual to locate a particular web page.

For opening another page there are majorly two types of links you will find within an HTML attribute. Those are:

  • Implicit or relative links and
  • Explicit or absolute links.

Implicit links as a part of HREF are used when the page is located within the same website. Since most of the links are pointed towards the folder, therefore, no changes are required if the website domain changes.

Explicit or absolute links are used in case the file name for example (xyz.html) is located on a different website. Then you have to use the full domain prefix before the URL.

The anchor text meaning.

The anchor text is the primary clickable text which appears when someone opens a webpage. The URL is usually hidden within the anchor text. For example, the URL can be but the anchor text is something we want to display on the page. In HTML, it is written as given below-

< a href= ‘‘> Tutorial </a>

In the above example, Tutorial is the anchor text for a website. Viewers can only see the anchor text and once anyone clicks on it, it redirects to the URL encapsulated in that text.

Are hypertext and hyperlink synonymous?

Both hyperlink and hypertext are interchangeably used often for those who don’t know what they exactly mean. But in reality, both are not synonymous but are complementary to each other. Hypertext Reference (HREF) and Hyperlink basic differences are mentioned in this section of the article.

What does Hyperlink mean?

As the name contains, a hyperlink consists of the URL of the web pages. These act as a reference within the hypertext. These hyperlinks get concealed within an anchor image, text, or some specific files.

It is only when someone hovers the mouse over the particular image that it navigates to another webpage. Since you already know about anchor text, therefore, let’s make your understanding easy. You can say hyperlink as another name to anchor or node.

Then what about hypertext?

The phrase hypertext was first introduced by Nelson in 1956. In the case of hypertext, it consists of the displayed text which navigated you to the targeted page. The primary intention of hypertext is to confirm cross-reference in the digital platform. It makes your internet experience easier by surfing throughout the web. A simple illustration will help to understand it clearly.

For example, suppose you are scrolling over a web page and suddenly you came in contact with a term of which you are not aware. In that case, if that particular text has hypertext and you click on it, then you will be directed to the page which shares the details of that particular term.


A Hypertext Reference (HREF) is something that makes your webpage more optimizable. It makes the user experience more internet friendly and also a considerable means for marketing.

Through the above article, you got to know about what does HREF stands for, its uses and about URL. So, all in all, if you are learning about HTML, you will encounter these terms more often.

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HREF Hypertext Reference

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Q. What is the abbreviation of HREF in Education?
The full form of HREF is Hypertext Reference in Education category.

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