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What is the Full form of LGN?

What does LGN mean? This page is all about LGN full form or abbreviation in different fields including Indian Railway Station, Airport Code, Transport & Travel, Academic & Science, Medical, and Medical.

We have covered the LGN full form in Indian Railway Station with details and listed down meanings of LGN in various other categories.

The full form of LGN is LEHGAON.

All Full Forms of LGN:

Term Full Form Category
LGN LEHGAON Indian Railway Station
Lgn Light Green Electronics
LGN Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Anatomy & Physiology
LGN Linga Linga Airport Code
LGN Aerolaguna Airline Codes
LGN Lateral Glomerulonephritis Diseases & Conditions
LGN Linga Linga, Papua New Guinea Language Codes
LGN Léon Grosse Nucléaire Companies & Corporations
LGN Life Group Network Religious Organizations

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