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What is the Full form of NRW?

What does NRW mean? This page is all about NRW full form or abbreviation in different fields including Indian Railway Station, Business, Regional, Computing, Regional, and Sports.

We have covered the NRW full form in Indian Railway Station with details and listed down meanings of NRW in various other categories.

The full form of NRW is NARWANA JN.

All Full Forms of NRW:

Term Full Form Category
NRW NARWANA JN Indian Railway Station
Nrw Narrow Language & Linguistics
NRW North Rhine Westphalia Provinces
NRW Natural Resources Wales Departments & Agencies
NRW National Reconciliation Week Festivals & Events
NRW Non Revenue Water Business Terms
NRW Next Risc Workstation Software & Applications
NRW Neighborhood Ruckus Wrestling Sports
NRW Polizeifliegerstaffel Nordrhein Westfalen Police
NRW N C L Holding, A S A Business Terms

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